Dean on Friday Harbor

Dean Overlooking Friday Harbor

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Checking into Our Motel and Dining Out

By late afternoon, we had circled around the islands to get the big picture, and by 5:00 docked at Friday Harbor. From the dock to the inn a five-block walk confronted us. Those who could hoofed it. Others rode. Our luggage rode up, and the bellboy at the motel was supposed to deliver it to our rooms. Well, he got confused, and some of the luggage didn't make it. But no problem, the staff had stored the remaining suitcases, those without name tags mainly. So we checked into our motel and spa, the Earthbox Inn and Spa.

The crew had passed out discount passes to the Whale Museum, some of us took the good deal and spent time in the museum, which taught a lot about whales and wild life. For example, the blue whale can reach a length of 110 feet and weigh 200 tons. That's tons, people, not pounds. Can you imagine? They are the largest animals to ever live on earth. Sperm whales have teeth, but they don't use them to chew their food. Nope. Instead, they swallow food whole. In fact, they can hunt successfully without teeth, because their teeth don't poke through until they reach age 15. However, they feed themselves after being weaned with no problem.

Cocktails and Dinner

After visiting the Whale Museum, we met the main body of our group for cocktails at Herb's Tavern. Joining us, came Bruce T., who had ferried over to Friday Harbor on business. After a couple drinks, we split up. About ten of us headed up to Vinney's Italian restaurant, an eatery that I'd checked out on our way to the Whale Museum. Others decided to check out the restaurant recommended by our boat crew, the Rumor Mill.

Our second choice for dinner was the Bluff, which was near Vinney's. We found out later that we dodged a bullet by not going there because Bruce ate there the next night and suffered through poor service, a mediocre meal, and only half a glass of wine at full price. Why half a glass? Because they'd run out of that wine. A poor excuse. The Bluff (a significant pun) ended up not being the only bullet we dodged, but I'll get to that story later in this narrative.

Vinney's turned out to be jam packed, but the staff managed to seat five of us at a table. The other five in our party sat at the bar. We all had a good meal, and then we walked (or staggered) back to the Earthbox and turned in early. The next morning, we needed to be aboard the Viking Star by 8:00 for breakfast and coffee.

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