Dean in Fairhaven

Touring Fairhaven before Boarding Train

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Wandering Around Fairhaven

After a mostly foggy passage from Sucia Island, we arrived back where we started from two days earlier. Since we had over two hours to kill before our train departed, we wandered up Harris Avenue into the town to look around or find a bench on which to relax. The Fairhaven Village Green offered pleasant surroundings in which to relax, and for those who like books, Village Books beaconed across from the Village Green. Others found stores that were open on Sunday. As 5:00 rolled round, four of us wandered onto the terrace of the Dirty Dan Harris Steakhouse for some beer, Coke, and conversation.

As the dinner hour approached, we split into groups to settle in to one of the many inviting restaurants in the area. One group settled into Dirty Dan Harris Steakhouse and others found Skylark’s Hidden Cafe for a delicious salmon dinner.

After dinner, we ambled down Harris Avenue toward the train depot. On the way, one Chinese guy in the group discovered a piece of Washington history. But a closer look at the plaque reveals a not too pleasant part of history. By 7:20, our train departed for Seattle. To pass the time, some of us read and some of us took a well-deserved nap. The card sharks among us busied themselves in a friendly game of bridge.