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Working It Off

After our feasting, we normally break up into activity groups. Last year Don McK, our exercise coordinator, led a group on a brisk walk around Green Lake. This year, the only walking people did was from the shelter house to the parking lot.

Oh, well, here are some photos from past walks.

Green Lake

Well, yes, of course, we walkers enjoyed looking at other kinds of scenery, too, in various stages of undress! But discretion preventing me from surreptitiously snapping them. Again, at Maguson, plenty of eye-candy came by, usually towing their boats to the boat launch, but also some shirtless hunks picnicking with friends and family nearby.

Last year, while we walkers normally hoofed it around the lake for three miles, others played a spirited game of pinochle.


Take-No-Prisoners Pinochle Game

As for the rest, they just hung around enjoying the outdoors while relaxing in the shade or soaking up the sun and chatting idly. A small group called it quits and headed home earlier. By 2:30, most folks began to vanish, leaving the site to just a few, mainly those of us in charge of stripping the paper table cloths, packing up serving spoons and the leftover soft drinks, and cleaning up the site to return it to the condition in which we found it.

Yes, the picnic was finally over by 2:30. If you missed the picnic this year, please join us next year, but only if youíre a member of Mature Friends! But donít worry! If youíre not a member, you can sign up right now. Just jump to the Membership Form, fill it out, and mail it in with your annual dues of $40.00.

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