Working Off Lunch with Tour of the Garden

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Working It Off

After our feasting, we normally break up into activity groups. This year nobody went walking and nobody set up a card game. But some hearty souls played a little croquet while the less hearty toured the garden on the park grounds.


Daliahs in Bloom!

Normally, we would have a couple tables of cards. But since that didn't happen this year, I'm showing you a picture of a past game


Croquet Players

Wow! We havenít had anybody bring a croquet set to a picnic in several years, until last year. It was great to see it return. Normally, people played croquet right after lunch, so they set up the wickets and trotted out the mallets and balls before appetizer time. Maybe they wanted to work up an appetite for the main event.

By 2:00, most folks began to vanish, leaving the site to just a few, mainly those of us in charge of stripping off the paper table cloths, packing up serving spoons and the leftover soft drinks, taking down the tables and lugging them back into the center, and cleaning up the site to return it to the condition in which we found it.

Yes, the picnic was finally over by 2:30. If you missed the picnic this year, please join us next year, but only if youíre a member of Mature Friends! But donít worry! If youíre not a member, you can sign up right now. Just jump to the Membership Form, fill it out, and mail it in with your annual dues of $40.00.

The End