Lunch Is Served!
Lunch Is Served!

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Piling It On!

The collective attendance held its breath for one last second before attacking the buffet table in a feeding frenzy. As the picnickers stormed the buffet table, Grill Meister Bruce struggled to finish cooking the hotdogs. Fortunately, he had plenty of help, as you've seen earlier.

Then, spying plenty of delicious-looking dishes littering the table, the picnickers filled their plates with all sorts of goodies. The food ranged from several great salads and vegetable dishes, along with the usual abundance of pastas (warm and cold), to casseroles and meats. In seconds the picnickers obscured the table like a pack of hungry wolves who hadnít eaten in weeks. But no, not wolves, just ravenous Mature Friends!

Finally, once plates were filled, folks headed to grab a place to sit and eat.

At Table

Ignore Those Folks in the Background

Let's sneak up on a few more tables of diners!

Finishing Lunch

Enjoying a Few After Lunch Laughs

Finally after one, two, or several trips to the buffet table, we had finished the main course. Unlike two years ago, plenty of potato salad thankfully showed up. How we struggled to get by without, we havenít a clue. After all, how can you have a picnic without potato salad and hotdogs? But this time we had so much potato salad that lots was left over, some not even touched.

Soon, the buffet table was reduced to crumbs and leftovers for some of us to take home for dinner. But lunch wasnít over yet. Next came desserts! And boy, do Mature Friends love their desserts.

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