Socializing While the Grilling Goes On

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Grilling Franks

What would a picnic be without grilled hotdogs or hamburgers or both? It would not be a real picnic, thatís what. So, in keeping with tradition, the club once again supplied a truckload of sausages, buns, and all the trimmings. In the past Bob did the honors, and then former newsletter editor Ric [sic], who passed the tongs to Dan, our former leader of Dinner For Six. For the following two years our current picnic organizer and president, Bruce, stepped up to the challenge and with a lot of help finally got the grill going. But then last year, Peter took over and did the honors again this year.

Right on time, the first dogs were ready. Canít you just smell them?


Grill Meister Peter Cooking the Dogs Single Handedly

And what goes with hotdogs? No, not beer. No alcohol allowed in the public parks. Buns go with the hotdogs, silly! Now, presenting the finished product fully locked and loaded! Look at that sausage! Now thatís one serious dog.

Hotdog dressed

But wait! Weíre missing something. Ah, yes, the big buffet table, creaking under the weight of fine dishes brought by our members.

Buffet Table

Buffet Table Creaking under the Weight of Fine Dishes

At last, the stage is set. Bring on the sausages and letís get started!

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