Appetizers Ready Early

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Warming Up

Although the hungry hoards bypassed the appetizers last year, this time they pounced on the cheeses, hummus, sandwich wraps, crudités and dip, chips and dips, and cheese and crackers —  not unlike a swarm of locusts. These folks didn’t stand on ceremony!

Some appetizers included salsa, dips, cheeses, crackers, olives, and other goodies of all kinds. Someone brought a tray of fresh vegetables, which went virtually untouched, as you would expect. What did go on the veggie tray was the cauliflower and carrots, mainly because they didn't leave any green stuff between your teeth. The dip that went with the veggies was quite good, too. Added to those items was some bean dip and hummus accompanied by corn chips and spicy crackers. Oh, and don't forget those delicious deviled eggs that disappeared as quickly as a pack of piranas can dispatch a capybara.

For about a half hour, folks contented themselves with the appetizers, soda, and conversation. Everybody did their best to enjoy some of everything offered. But the abundance turned out to be too insufficient for us foodies. We began craving a more substantial offering. But what next? When do we eat?

Checking Out the Table

Ah-ah-ah! Not Yet, Boys!

But oh! can’t you smell that? Is it the heavenly smell of hotdogs grilling? Nope, not this year. It’s the smell of Bruce, our newly elected vice-president, trying to light the grill and begin cooking the hotdogs, turkey sausage, foot-long franks. But as in year's past, he’s getting a hopelessly late start. Will he ever learn to start the coals early? Tune in next year and find out!

Grill Master Bruce Elicits Aid

Struggling to Keep the Coals Burning, Bruce Elicit's Mike's Help

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