President John Chaney Announces Prize Winners

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And Now the Program

In years past, a short program followed dinner and the awards. But this year, the board voted to have no formal program and no live music throughout the cocktail hour and dinner. Instead, we enjoyed each others’ company and the cacophony of many conversations going on at once. But to finish off, we stuck with one tradition: Door prizes!


Surprise! Now for the annual drawing. The prizes awarded in the drawing involved mostly gift certificates to various stores or tickets to the annual gay and lesbian film festival. Here are some of the winners:

  1. Arnold A. won a crisp new Ben Franklin bill.
  2. Next, Bob K. won the crisp new President Grant bill.
  3. And finally Joe T. won the Seattle International Film Festival memberships for two.

Unfortunately, nobody took pictures of the prize winners, probably because we were all checking our ticket stubs, hoping we'd won! Well, one picture of the audience checking their ticket stubs.

After Dinner

Checking Their Tickets, Hoping for a Prize

Next, Bob Johnson, one of the original members of Mature Friends rose to tell us how much our group has meant to him and others throughout the years.

Bob Johnson

He noted that only twelve members started Mature Friends in 1989. Now the ranks have swollen to almost 250 consistently. His talk came from the heart and it touched us all to hear from a charter member and get a perspective of how far the group has come.

Recognizing Volunteers

After dinner, President John called up the volunteers who were present at the banquet. Our incoming president Bruce (back row, third from left) also headed up the Travel Committee, coming up with tours that span the gamut from short and inexpensive to long, exotic tours, such as China in April 2014. As Bruce takes over the duties of president, he will pass the leadership of the Travel Committee to another member with the travel lust.

Committee Heads

The Activity and Committee Heads

First off, our outgoing president John presented our board and officers for the fiscal year of July 2016 through June 2017:

When you join Mature Friends or for those who are members, please consider serving on the board or leading an activity. Our volunteers are the heart of our organization.

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