Prize to Doug

Awarding Door Prizes

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Awarding Door Prizes

Finally, to round out the banquet it was time to draw numbers for the door prizes. Prizes normally range from gift certificates to local stores such as Trader Joeís and often times the grand prize turns out to be something really nice. I remember the time when I won the big door prize, which turned out to be a round trip ticket on United Airlines. Since then, the main prize hasnít been so extravagant. In fact, youíre looking at it. No, Jim didnít win it; heís accepting a gift certificate.

Prize to Jim

Jim Accepting His Prize

The Main Prize

See the vase from which vice-president Mike is drawing tickets? The vase is the main prize, donated by the membership chairman, Dean. Unfortunately, Iíve lost the excellent picture I took of Marlyce accepting it as her prize. Although a far cry from a plane ticket, Marlyce was very happy with her prize.

Until Next Year

And so with the passing out of prizes, the banquet came to an end. Not a speck of food was left and even less wine remained. We all had a great time, as usual. We will be back again next year in June.

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