Fish Dinner Choice, Salmon

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Grand Entrance

Once inside, we began lining up at the check-in table to get our envelopes with our food assignments, badges, and tickets for the drawing for door prizes. As we entered the club, the greeters checked us in, giving each member an envelope with our name on. Oh, you want to know what our envelopes contained? Well, the winner was... oops, nope, not yet. They just contained a raffle ticket for door prizes and a colored dot to clue the staff what entrée to give us, red if by land, blue if by sea (in other words, either prime rib or Copper River salmon). This year, sixty plus members and guests attended the banquet.

Checking In

Jerry and Dean begin checking in the guests as we began to arrive. The Women’s University Club know us well, and the wine bar was set up and running well before the 6:00 start time.

Check In

Treasurer Jerry and Membership Head Dean Ready to Check Us In

Ready to Party!

After checking in, we made our way into the first of two sumptuous drawing rooms. But this room was not our immediate goal. No! We were looking for the bar!

Moving past the drawing room, ah! there it was — the object of our search, the BAR! The stampede was on.


As with last year, the two bars were well-organized, and prices stayed more or less the same. In our first year at the Women’s University Club, some people got bigger wine glasses than others, while some got charged more than others. As you can imagine, a near riot ensued. However, that glitch was fixed two years ago, and the cocktail hour went on smoothly. This year, the bars sold wine in the same size glasses at the same price.

Main Bar

Bar Line Up

Unlike the wine bar table by the entrance, the main bar window sold mixed drinks as well as wine. So you can bet these guys are going for the hard stuff.

Finally with drinks in hand, we wandered around looking for places to sit down and relax or just wandered around to take in the elegant surroundings of the club. Although the press could not greet us at the front door (due to the nasty street construction), inside we had our own roving paparazzi, who snapped our pictures as we mingled during the cocktail hour.

But come on, follow me into the drawing room and check out who’s with whom and who’s drinking what. But shhhh. Don’t rat them out!

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