The Stage Is Set

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The tables are set. The staff is ready. Come on in and grab a seat! Well, wait a second ó itís not quite 7:00. Nevertheless, we lined up in front of the doors to the dining room when suddenly, BOOM! They opened. The hungry hoard took off as though racing out of the chutes at the Kentucky Derby. But the only triple crown winner here drank three glasses of Crown Royal before dinner. And no, I wonít rat anybody out.

Before dinnertime, guests scrambled to reserve their tables. At 7:00 sharp, we all flooded into the dining room. Happily, we found the usual bottles of red and white wine, one each per table, included in the $60.00 per person price.

In the photo above, the room looks empty. So letís fill it up. The hungry hoard charge in to find their places, and then need to check their envelopes to remind themselves what they ordered.

Dinner Table Set

Tables Are Set As the Hoards Rush in

Once everybody settled down, we looked around at the sumptuous surroundings, which matched the outer rooms in elegance, as you can see in the pictures on this and following pages.

Soon the rest of the guests filed in and found their places as the waiters and waitresses brought out our first course, a healthy green salad and baskets of steaming hot rolls.

Waiting for Main Course

Waiting for Their Main Course

Serving Main Course

Serving the Main Courses

In years past, each table had a bottle of red and a bottle of white wine. Some tables boozed through theirs in nothing flat and had to buy an extra bottle, while other tables hardly touched their wine at all. To even things out, this year the waiters and waitresses served out the wine evenly, which worked much better.

But whatís missing from the previous pictures? The main course, of course!

Ah, finally the main course. Instead of the salmon you saw on the Grand Entrance page, some people chose the prime rib! As in the past both main courses were excellently prepared, tender, and full of flavor.

Prime Rib

Prime Rib

When everybody was served, the room suddenly got quiet. As you can see, we all got busy with this tasty banquet meal.

Eating Our Dinner

For dessert, the staff offered a choice between a delicious hunk of lemon layer cake or chocolate decadence, along with freshly brewed and heartily welcomed coffee, caffeinated or decaffeinated.

Lemon Cake

Lemon Layer Cake

Chocolate Decadence

Chocolate Decadence

Both desserts came beautifully decorated, donít you think?

Having enjoyed the excellent desserts, we turned toward the speakerís podium for annuncements from President Bruce.

John and Dale

Note the empty wine bottles: Not a drop left!

President Bruce

As we digested our dinners, President Bruce made some announcements and then introduced our master of ceremonies for the evening, Vice-President Mike. We all turned toward the podium as Bruce talked about upcoming events, mainly the plans for our next trips.

Next, time came for Bruce to annouce the winners of the the Volunteer of the Year and Legacy awards, followed by Mike who handed out the door prizes.

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