Last Year Bob Posed with His First Drink(s) -- This Year, He Couldnít Fit into That Tux!

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Cocktail Hour

With drinks in hand (some with a drink in each hand), people began milling about chatting with others and greeting people they rarely get a chance to see. Others gathered in groups and relaxed with their drinks in the comfortable chairs in the drawing rooms. When 5:30 rolled around, the two big rooms started to fill up rapidly. Soon, there were about eighty people wandering about, chatting with old friends and some even meeting new friends or potential.... Oops! Well, we wonít go there....

But why tell you about the cocktail hour when you can check out some of the celebrities for yourself?


Relaxing with Drinks


Smile for the Camera, Peter!

As you can see in the background of these pictures and those on the previous page, the surroundings were comfortable and well appointed. Itís always a great environment for our banquet, an event everybody looks forward to each year. But donít get too comfortable. Itís almost time for dinner.

More Drinks

Mellowing Out

Cocktail Hour

Sharing a Laugh before Dinner

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