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Mature Friends’ Banquet

In late spring, you all know that high schools put on their proms, formal graduation ceremonies take place, and Broadway awards its Tonys. What about Mature Friends? Well, we give a new meaning to “high tony” with our formal Annual Banquet. This over-the-top affair takes place in an elegant setting, and we all dress up in our finery for a delicious catered meal. This year our banquet was held once again in beautiful downtown Seattle at the Women’s University Club of Seattle.

Women’s University Club

Women’s University Club


As in years past, the members arrived dressed to the nines (some to the tens) in their coats and ties or tuxes or formal gowns (some with plunging necklines). The festivities were supposed to take off off at 6:00 p.m., but as you will see, Mature Friends always arrive early. Although the club didn’t roll out the red carpet, several Seattlites were rushing to get a glimpse of us as we paraded into the club with all the pomp and circumstance of the Wildcat stampede.

Those in the know arrived early (some even as early as 5:00!) to snag one of the rare parking spots under the building. Then, climbing up the back stairs, they avoided being snapped by paparazzi lined up outside. The rest of us got stuck paying for street parking and paraded in on the red carpet and began lining up at the check-in table to get our envelopes with our food assignments, badges, and tickets for the drawing for door prizes. So, before 6:00, the party began sputtering to life as thirsty Mature Friends continued to pour in. Fortunately, a riot was averted because the bar had already opened! In fact, knowing who was coming, the staff had a separate wine bar open by 5:00, for the early arrivals.

But instead of taking my word for it, let’s go inside and see what’s happening!

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