Volunteer of the Year 2017

Newsletter Editor Bill Poses with His Volunteer of the Year Plaque

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Volunteers and Awards

The volunteer contributions and leadership to Mature Friends can occur over many years and in many different forms:
Each year, Mature Friends honor a volunteer for his or her service to the membership and the president presents this volunteer with an engraved plaque.

Partly because the membership nominated so many deserving people for Volunteer of the Year, President John Chaney created the Legacy Award for outstanding service in every way, over many years. In 2014, John named Len Tritsch to be the first Legacy Award winner. Len served as president, board member, leader of the exercise group, and volunteered for many tasks vital to keeping Mature Friends functioning.

Presenting This Year’s Awards

Next, our president announced the winners of the Volunteer of the Year and the Legacy awards.

Vounteer of the Year — The Envelope Please. . . .

President Bruce handed out this year's Volunteer of the Year award to Bill Smith, our newsletter editor, board member, secretary, and able hand in the kitchen for potlucks.
Here are a few of the statements from member nominations about John:

He is a tireless worker for our club. He has given years of exceptional service. He has an absolute dedication to details and creating very special experiences for Mature Friends members. A true gentleman. In addition to his duties as newsletter editor, he has served on the board and held the distinguished office of secretary, feverishly scribbling detailed minutes during each board meeting, as well as slaving in the kitchen, a little appreciated chore that makes the potlucks work smoothly. He's also the first one to volunteer for anything that comes up that needs an able hand. In short, Bill received well-deserved recognition.

Volunteer of the Year John Wott

Congratulations to the 2017 Volunteer of the Year: Bill Smith!

Legacy Award — The Envelope Please. . . .

Next, President Bruce presented the Legacy Award for 2017 to long-time leader of our weekly bridge group, Paul Smith.

Volunteer contributions and leadership to Mature Friends can occur over many years and in many different forms. Service on the board, assuming a leadership role as an officer, becoming an activity head, and just plain cheerful participation. The past recipients of the award, Len Tritsch, Bob McQ., and Don McK exemplified these traits as does our 2017 recipient.
Paul has been a Mature Friends board member, an officer, activity head, and so much more. One member said: “His attachment to the organization, its mission, the ‘family’ ambiance, his fondness for its members, and his relentless exemplary commitment to its well-being qualify him for recognition. When events and functions are scheduled, they make up the highlight of his day.”

And so it was an honor to present the third Legacy Award to Paul. In congratulations and thanks, the membership gave him a well-deserved standing ovation.

Legacy Award 2017

Congratulations to the 2017 Mature Friends Legacy Award recipient: Paul Smith.

Recognizing Our Volunteers

After dinner, President John called up the volunteers who were present at the banquet. Our incoming president Bruce (back row, third from left) also headed up the Travel Committee, coming up with tours that span the gamut from short and inexpensive to long and exotic, such as China in April 2014. As Bruce takes over the duties of president, he will pass the leadership of the Travel Committee to another member with the wander lust plus a knack for getting us good deals.

Committee Heads

The Activity and Committee Heads

First off, our president Bruce presented our board and officers for the fiscal year of July 2017 through June 2018:

Mature Friends Board for 2017–2018

When you join Mature Friends or for those who are members, please consider serving on the board or leading an activity. Our volunteers are the heart of our organization.

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